The final soundtrack

Is the process of uniting the different components of a soundtrack, such as Dialogue, SFX & Music. Each of those components usually consists of hundreds to thousands of audio files that have to complement each other. An effective re-recording process means to level the output of each individual sound and place it specifically within the audio frequency spectrum in a manner that maximices discernibility for a narrative purpose, elevating the story to a more inspiring sensorial experience. 


In sound post production context Mastering means to process the soundtrack with digital & analog outboard gear, to achieve certain narrative purposes with the entirety of the soundtrack by "colouring" the sound and giving it certain "feeling". In Industry standard processes mastering is used also for authoring to DVD, Bluray and Theater broacasting. 

  • 2.0. Mixing: Leveling the audio files into 2 L/R output channels (Stereo) for Web and TV use, complying with broadcast standards.

  • ​5.1. Surround Mixing: Leveling the audio files, into 5 output channels and a dedicated LFE channel for theatrical use, complying with industry standards.

Loudness metering complying with broadcast regulations such as defined by ATSC & EBU.

Conventional FTP client setup & cloud file exchanging between Radio House and the editing suite.

Up to 256 individual tracks at 44.1, 48, 96 & 192 kHz.

NOTE: Hardware dependency may lower the tracks capacity at 192kHz


Stems and MDE separated mixes available at request.

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