Mary Ríos

My name is María José Ríos but everybody calls me MaryRíos (Yes, all together),

My biggest passion has always been telling stories, and luckily I found a career to filled my expectations in that area: Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication in the University of Costa Rica.
I worked as a short film and commercial producer for a about four years until the sound found me unexpectedly. Since then I've been specializing in Sound Design, specifically the Sound Editing and Foley Art. Working in the post production part of audiovisual products is really what makes me happy. 

The Foley Art is my favorite part of the work, and what I LOVE about it is to be constantly inventing how to make different sounds, challenging your creativity and training your ear to create the sound space that works best for each project.

I actually found a way to unite my skills as a producer, my thirst for storytelling and technical knowledge by creating Radio House Post Production. Since I’m in this business, I’ve been able to tell a lot of different stories through Sound Design for documentaries, commercials, short films and feature films on a internationally scale.

Luigui Rodríguez

I am the co-founder, re-recording mixer and music composer at Radio House Post Production. I have a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication from the University of Costa Rica, but sound found me way before that. 

I started quite young at playing around microphones and mixers. By age 15 I was already confortable running a complex analog sound processing chain. I can't really say which found me first, music or sound, because I understood them together and I fell in love with both together. Over a decade later I can say I am very much a sound-geek, but a very passionate geek. I believe that sound and music are the most direct channels to our souls, and that they can lead our emotions to beautiful places. This is why I take sound seriously (maybe a little too much?).

I define myself as detail oriented, technology driven and heart guided. I trust my tools, but I trust my instinct (and my ear!) even more so.

In Radio House we embrace this work philosophy: accurate technicality bathe in a whole lot of awesome sensorial experiences, so for me Radio House is home. 


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